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Old To Gold!

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Ah, Greetings Bleepers, and welcome to my to be continually updated page 'Old To Gold'. Here, I will take you with me, as I attempt to turn strangers lost beach change into GOLD bullion! Will it be possible? Will it be a waste of time? Only time will tell, but until that time, let's have a look at how I intend to achieve this fantastical task. Let's start here. This video explains all. However, if you're not interested in watching my blabberings, the nutshell is that I intend to beach metal detect, save the cash - and then buy gold bullion from the Royal Mint.

You see, a common dream amongst us metal detectorists, is to find gold. However...finding gold is very rare, because people throughout history have never wanted to lose it. Gold, unlike most other commodities will hold its value, no matter the financial situation in the ever changing world around it, so people through time have done their best to protect it. So instead of continuing the heart break of trying to find that gold stater, or sovereign, how about turning all that lost cash into gold instead?

Investing in gold is probably more achievable than you think. You can get a small 1G bullion bar for around £60 (prices continually change) Yes, this is a tiny amount of gold but it's YOURS to keep for the future, to be added to if you want. It investment, which will always hold its value.

Now, I'm pretty sure I can get enough change to get my first gold bar. It's just a case of being strict with myself (not spending my change on Mc Donalds, for example) and having a little patience. What tools will I be using for this job?

I'm currently testing different metal detectors for Joan Allen so I'll be using many models, but there will be some consistants that I've come to love when beach metal detecting. Firstly, I'll rely on the Equinox 800 as it's such a great machine on the beach. I'm also very fond of the Quest Q30. I'm also very excited to be using the Quest scubatector pro. This, will allow me to get into rock pools, and tight places that other coils and heads may have problems with. I'll be getting into the sea once the weather gets a little better here in Britain! So there's my premise. I'm already metal detecting, and making videos whis I do anyway. I'm still getting fresh air and exercise, so what will I have lost? Also, I might actually come across a gold ring or two on my adventures (which I will of course try and the owner of) And if you metal detect on the beaches, why don't you join me in this endeavour? It'll be fun to have someone else to acheive this goal with, and also see them invest in some nice yellow stuff! Keep checking back on this page to see how I'm getting on, and feel free to comment!

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