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Battlefield Recovery

Battlefield Recovery.  Wow, what a horrific experience that was!  As a presenter, I was absolutely sent to the dogs by the company that produced it, the company that funded it, and a lot more - including our very own PAS, many of those lying to push a anti-MetalDetecting agenda (all proved to be wrong - but have we recieved an apology?  Nope!)

Anyhow, there's a few videos below for you to peruse.  Please watch my explanation video at the bottom, for the whole story.  It's long, emotional, and was hard to do.  But it explains everything.

Perhaps I was a little naive to do the show.  I was absolutely naive trusting big corporate TV companies and producers.  They suck.  But what I AM proud of, is what we achieved.  That being - the considered burial of lost soldiers, re-patriated to their war graves, with their personal items.  THAT is something to be very proud of.

The Bunker Episode

Behind the scenes:  All Bunker Finds

Battlefield Recovery:  We Hunt the Bunker

Battlefield Recovery:  Behind the scenes.  Latvia

Battlefield Recovery:  Behind the scenes.  Poland

Battlefield Recovery:  What REALLY Happened

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