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A Unique Metal Detecting find!

Well, this is a bit special, isn't it? A tiny, solid gold Bible. Weighing in at only 5G, the Bible is 'stuck' with two figures featuring on the pages. Approximately Dating back to the 1400's, the little gold find would have been owned by someone in a high social stead, as only high nobility would most likely have owned gold back then. I didn't know that, and only found out through reading Julian-Evan Harts input on the matter via another article.

Picture owned by Buffy/Bailey
Picture owned by Buffy/Bailey

Apparently, the two figures are the ancient patrons of childbirth, as a large amount of both children and mothers were lost in this time.

Although this is obviously a beautiful find, I'm more interested in the history and story associated with it. This is such a valuable item, it's hard not to wonder what happened here. How was it lost? Was it purposful - in the sense that it was buried to appease God, or discarded through a lack of faith through a negative experience? Maybe it was buried, with the intention of coming back for it at a later date?

Or, like most other items we find, it was just lost. It doesn't seem like it was worn in anyway, so would have been easy to lose. Either way, it's again the story around Metal Detecting that intrigues me most!

Big congratulations to to the finder, who found the find at about 5 inches. I'm not sure what machine she was using at this point, but Buffy is a NHS nurse, so as far as I'm concerned, this ones down to Karma. Well done, Buffy!

Picture owned by Buffy/Bailey
Picture owned by Buffy/Bailey

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